Welcom To Chain Link Fence Guide

Fences mark the boundaries between properties. Fences give people privacy in their backyards. They keep dogs in the yard, front or back, so they will not ruin others’ lawns. Barbed wire fences cross the prairies for hundreds of miles at some points. They are a reminder of times when cattlemen and shepherds warred over grazing rights for their herds. Chain fencing encloses schools and playgrounds in cities nationwide. This popular fencing choice has many merits and definitely deserves a top spot on any list when deciding what is best for you.

Chain link fencing has been around since 1841. Chain fences gained in popularity because it was inexpensive and easy to install. The main posts easily stand up if buried in the dirt or in cement. The chain link comes in rolls or panels cut to any length needed and are stretched across the posts to then be attached with wires. A gate is easily added at any point needed, which is another reason chain link is so popular. Wheels can be attached to the bottom of the gate pole so that a gate wide enough for large equipment to roll through can be made.

chain link fenceChain fences were given a bad reputation as news reports showing burned out urban buildings and run-down project housing all surrounded by miles of chain link fencing. The fence became a symbol of poverty and crime in the minds of middle and upper class Americans in the 1970s. However, small town streets across America were still lined with houses sporting short chain link fences. Behind those fences grew gardens of colorful flowers and ornamental trees. These were little havens of Americana and the chain link was the foundation of that sensation. That feeling of history has prompted many cities to declare certain neighborhoods’ chain link fences historic monuments, and the homeowners face fines if the fence is removed.

Chain link fencing has also become a very convenient material for dog kennels. In this way, an expensive enclosure in any size can be set up in the yard just for the dog. He has room to run and the homeowner does not have to worry about him escaping and tearing up gardens or grass. Chain fencing also offers the option to put a cover over the kennel. Home owners have also incorporated chain link fences with wooden fences. A six foot privacy fence can be bordered on the inside by a length of chain link fencing that serves as a dog run. Again, this allows the dog to exercise with the assurance that he will not damage the yard or garden.

Homeowners are now offered chain fencing in a variety of colors with the new vinyl coated chain link fence. The fence can be color coordinated with the home’s exterior. A fence can be designed to blend in with its surroundings so the house and garden are all that passers-by notice. Unlike wooden fences, chain link fences require little to no maintenance. Wooden fences become weathered quickly and the wooden slates begin shrinking almost immediately. In order to keep a wooden fence from drying and shrinking, it needs to be treated regularly with a water seal. Chain link fences may need to have a little rust scrubbed off every once in a while.

Families with small children can easily and inexpensively fence in the swimming pool area so children are not tempted by the water. Their play area can be fenced off by a short chain link enclosure. This way mom can see them from a window should she be called away for a minute. They can also see mom and feel comfort in that she is there watching.

black chain link fenceChain link fencing is ideal for those living in wooded or country areas. With chain link a person can fence off portions of their property as living areas without taking away the views they moved there for to begin with. Creating a barrier between the home and forest deters wild animals, and adding a small electric shock to the fence will make a bear think twice about coming into the yard. Human and bear meetings most often go badly as the bear is there for food and if he finds it, he will continue to return. Wildlife authorities mark the bear after the first break in. The bear gets relocated for a second offense and destroyed if there is a third one. Keeping bears away from a home is the nicest thing a human can do for the animal.

Chain link fencing is versatile as it comes in any length or height wanted. Home owners can install it themselves fairly easily. Contractors can be used for installation if needed. The fence is decorative as vines can be made to grow in the spaces and add a look of lattice work and functionality. Small areas can easily be enclosed to keep children in or out. Dog kennels and runs of all sizes can be constructed easily and fairly inexpensively using chain link fencing. The stigma of poverty and crime surrounding chain link has become less since the riots of the 1970’s. Chain link with its portability and affordability is the choice of construction companies and demolition crews. Homeowners are once again choosing chain link fencing for their fencing and enclosure needs. Using privacy slats there are a large variety of colors and designs, chain fencing in the 21st century is living large.